Letters to my Broker

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Letters to my Broker

“Why is it the minute I sell my stocks, no matter which they are, right away they go up?”

Meet Joe, a rich but hapless investor who makes every mistake possible. Just when you think he’s learnt something, he finds a new way to lose money.

Populated by rogues, hucksters and fools Letters to my Broker is the classic comedy of errors revived for a new generation that teaches you the rules to trading the stock market haven’t changed in the 94 years since its original publication.

“I want some advice. Not that I’ll follow it.”

Aided by the acerbic commentary of No. 1 bestselling author and ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers, Letters to my Broker tells you where Joe’s going wrong, what you should do to keep your shirt and how to avoid his hilarious errors.

Letters to my Broker

“This is a book to laugh with and to learn from. I decided to annotate the book and bring a perspective to the text while adding various insights to focus in on crucial issues,” explains author Clem Chambers, who adds annotations after each letter to explain the rights and wrongs of Joe’s actions.

The book also contains all new illustrations by David Pinnell. Pinnell’s illustrations capture the expressions and frustrations of the main character, Joe and are a fantastic display of the same humour captured on the pages.

“This book is in the same humorous vein, but not only is it a piece of hilarious writing, it is packed with market insight. It could almost be a modern satire,” says Chambers.

Stock market tips so old they’re new: Read Letters to my Broker and trade like it’s 1919.


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