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Letters to my Broker

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Letters to my Broker

Come enjoy the Roaring Twenties!

The year is 1919, a time thriving with glamour and growth! People are flocking into the cities, industries are developing and businesses are booming. Meanwhile, the streets are equally as lively, teeming with diversity and people. Flappers draw long drags from their cigarettes discussing the latest motion picture.

A son of a farmer lands his first deal becoming a business man. Music pours out of nightclubs and echoes into the alleyways. A husband honks, delighting in his new automobile purchase. A couple dances the foxtrot. Yes, the world in the twenties is fast paced and has  excitement around every corner.

Living in the domain of grand casinos, gambling on card games, striving to make a killing in his investments, American businessman Joe strives to match the economy's success, yet like many, he needs a bit of help. With a satirical display of wit and comedy, follow Joe in a series of letters in the book, Letters to my Broker.

Letters to my Broker

Enter Manhattan's most talked about street, Wall Street!

Wall Street is the place for business. Young boys collect coins from shoe shining. Blue collar men walk high in the air across iron beams they had placed the week before. They are building the tallest building in the United States – what will become known as a skyscraper. The streets swarm with businessmen with straightened ties, pressed collars and buttoned cuffs. These men are dressed for success, ready to buy and ready to sell. Industry on Wall Street is prosperous and pours into the Stock Market.

Whether it is buying or trading, the possibilities are endless with the Stock Market. The motto is, “buy low, sell high.” Now, take a deep breath: is it really a gamble if you have the right advice? After all, the Stock Market generates vast economic power for the United States, why not for you too?

Industry is at an all-time high. Production is supplying the demand. Companies need investors and the Stock Market is a solution to their prayers. The key is knowing who to invest in – then the American Dream is yours for the taking.